Our Pionite brand of high pressure laminates caters to traditional tastes with an eye towards versatility. With a broad range of tasteful and timeless designs, combined with long lasting durability, Pionite brand laminates are designed to enhance a wide range of surface areas.

Whether it’s residential or commercial, architects and designers specify Pionite® HPL for
Retail Fixtures
Wall Cladding
and more

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More choices mean more solutions and time-savings in selecting materials. Discover surface solutions you never imagined – from furniture and fixtures to walls, displays or any architectural statement, we’ve got you covered.


Get creative

Our standard High Pressure Laminate offers versatility and durability through a broad range of beautiful designs, sheet sizes, and finishes that are sure to fulfill your creative vision.

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ThruColor™ HPL

Clean and seamless

Achieve a more seamless aesthetic with our ThruColor HPL product line, which provides color throughout the core eliminating the dark edge line.

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Made to withstand

Our FRL® (Fiber Reinforced Laminate) uses fire rated, patented fiberglass technology to fortify wall panels against impact damage and excessive wear-and-tear offering exceptional cleanability.

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ThickLam™ HPL

A Sturdier Foundation

Boost stability with our ThickLam surfaces, reinforced to perform in heavy traffic areas requiring more structural support.

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Fire Rated

Stay cool under fire

Our Fire Rated surfaces possess all of the same style and performance features as our standard laminates with additional protection against combustion and smoke.

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Avoid a Meltdown

ChemGuard High Pressure Laminates (HPL) provide the decorative features of our most stylish laminates with a chemical resistant coating that protects against acids, bases, solvents, stains, and general reagents.

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Don’t blow a fuse

Electrostatic Dissipative laminates diffuse static electricity to protect electronics and other static-sensitive devices from electric charges that could cause damage during manufacturing or assembly.

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Inspira™ Digital

Expand Your Creative Vision

Our Inspira digital HPL and FRL® are ideal for wall murals, fixtures and displays. Whether your vision calls for a unique photo, company logo or one-of-a-kind illustration, we have the skill and technology to produce your design with the same durability and performance found in our standard colors.

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Marker Board

Made to brainstorm

Perfect for a boardroom, office, or lab, these panels offer a nonabsorbent, dry erase compatible surface for recording notes or capturing brilliant ideas.

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Hi-Wear laminates

Keep your surfaces pristine with our Hi-Wear laminates, which protect surfaces from dings, abrasions, and unsightly scuff marks caused by high levels of activity. Our Hi-Wear products are five times more resilient than standard grade laminate, and provide a level of protection that meets or exceeds NEMA standards.

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