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Panolam Surface Systems has been providing the largest selection of integrated surface products for over 70 years. While our company has changed over time, our mission has not. We work hard to fulfill our customer’s vision for the project at hand. Offering you a portfolio of diverse brands that cater to the breadth of your imagination, helping you to arrive at the perfect solution fast and affordably.

Which Solution is Right For Me?

More choices mean more solutions and time-savings in selecting materials. Discover surface solutions you never imagined – from furniture and fixtures to walls, displays or any architectural statement, we’ve got you covered.


Get creative

Our standard High Pressure Laminate offers versatility and durability through a broad range of beautiful designs, sheet sizes, and finishes that are sure to fulfill your creative vision. Learn More


Form meets function

The combination of premium quality construction with some of the most realistic woodgrains, unique abstracts, and vibrant colors make our TFL panels the first choice for furniture, fixtures, and other decorative products. Learn More


Made to withstand

Our FRL® (Fiber Reinforced Laminate) uses fire rated, patented fiberglass technology to fortify wall panels against impact damage and excessive wear-and-tear offering exceptional cleanability. Learn More

ThickLam™ HPL

A Sturdier Foundation

Boost stability with our ThickLam surfaces, reinforced to perform in heavy traffic areas requiring more structural support. Learn More

ThruColor™ HPL

Clean and seamless

Achieve a more seamless aesthetic with our ThruColor HPL product line, which provides color throughout the core eliminating the dark edge line. Learn More


Avoid a Meltdown

ChemGuard High Pressure Laminates (HPL) provide the decorative features of our most stylish laminates with a chemical resistant coating that protects against acids, bases, solvents, stains, and general reagents. Learn More


Don’t blow a fuse

Electrostatic Dissipative laminates diffuse static electricity to protect electronics and other static-sensitive devices from electric charges that could cause damage during manufacturing or assembly. Learn More

Fire Rated

Stay cool under fire

Our Fire Rated surfaces possess all of the same style and performance features as our standard laminates with additional protection against combustion and smoke. Learn More

Marker Board

Made to brainstorm

Perfect for a boardroom, office, or lab, these panels offer a nonabsorbent, dry erase compatible surface for recording notes or capturing brilliant ideas. Learn More


Keep it clean

Our Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic is a durable – and washable – composite material that repels dirt and stains making it an ideal surface for high-use commercial settings and service areas that depend on sanitary conditions. Learn More

Inspira™ Digital

Be Inspired

From table and countertops to doors, wall murals and elevator cabs, Inspira Digital can be used for a wide variety of uses, including branding, graphics and wayfinding. When your design must be big, bold and beautiful, we’ve got you covered.   Learn More


Hi-Wear laminates

Keep your surfaces pristine with our Hi-Wear laminates, which protect surfaces from dings, abrasions, and unsightly scuff marks caused by high levels of activity. Our Hi-Wear products are five times more resilient than standard grade laminate, and provide a level of protection that meets or exceeds NEMA standards. Learn More


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Close your eyes and think of shiny plant stalks glistening in the sun waiting to become the essence of your next creative exploration. Jute II is a natural choice for designs that blossom from organic ideas and inspiration. 
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Capturing the very essence of the fall holiday season is easy when you rely on the colors and textures offered by Panolam Surface Systems. Rich earthy tones, brilliant and fiery oranges and enchanting whites are ready and waiting for your inspired exploration.
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Panolam’s Flawless™ Collection is smudge and impact resistant with an ultra-matte finish, creating an easy to clean surface that eliminates fingerprints and smudges. Flawless is the perfect choice for those high traffic, high touch areas such as countertops, cabinets, furniture, panels, interior doors, and partitions. 
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Some color combinations and patterns just work perfectly together to create an environment that piques and energizes the senses. Let this flatlay be your inspiration to creating something completely new and you. 

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@poneyscustomlaminatesurfaces  A splendid update that really makes the limited space shine. Looks like our White Perito Marble MW5900 dressing up that  countertop. 

Wow! You talk about a transformation!!!
All I can say is AMAZING!!!
This is a very small kitchen but it didn’t need to be dated. We did a few things in this kitchen to change the total appearance. Eliminated the back splash, did a stainless under mounted sink instead of the top mount, & eliminated the mitre seam. All in @panolamsurfacesystems The customer also did ceramic tile on the walls. Installation by our installer along with the tile work on the wall is perfect!😊
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Warm soft reflections play wonderfully along the edges of reality to create an environment meant for special times and sharing. Feel the glow of Dining by Candlelight 

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@colorsells – November’s Color Alert, Revisited, has inspired a November palette that captures the true beauty and bountiful spirit of the season. The Panolam colors and patterns highlighted bring it to an even happier place! 

Our November Color Alert, Revisited, adds freshness to an eco-inspired collection of tans, brown and terra cotta, especially on these @panolamsurfaces. Use the link in our bio to join our mailing list to receive CMG's monthly color trend stories.
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You can count on Panolam Surface Systems to help transform an ordinary space into something comfortable and inviting. With a nearly endless offering of colors, patterns and textures, we recommend spending a little time with our online Visualizer to quickly explore the possibilities. 

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Panolam Surface Systems® is your one-stop destination for every surface solution need. We're committed to helping you bring your idea to life through each step of the process. From ideas to finish details and everything in between, you can count on Panolam. 

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