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Our Workforce

Panolam’s employees are the company’s most valuable asset. Working as part of a team, each employee’s creativity, intellect, curiosity and drive are critical components of our success. Panolam is committed to providing its team members with the tools and the environment to enable them to grow, to thrive and to excel.

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Corporate Offices

Distribution Centers

Manufacturing Plants

Sales Management

Housing key Departments such as Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Sales Operations, Marketing and IT, the Corporate Headquarters serves as the company’s think tank, always working on developing and improving Panolam’s products, methodologies and procedures and equally important, the work life of our employees. These synergies allow Panolam to offer their employees a progressive environment where they are encouraged to think, challenge and offer up their best solutions and suggestions. The result is a stronger, more resilient and forward-thinking company.

When hiring we look for individuals who not only are qualified to master the responsibilities of the position, but those who will look at the job with fresh eyes and will bring to it a curiosity and desire to excel.

Judy Finer, Panolam Talent Manager, Corporate Headquarters

Panolam’s distribution centers serve as the company’s five pulse points. In each facility, Panolam’s employees take immense pride in the service they offer to their customers. It’s a team effort that begins with orders entered by the on-site Customer Service Reps that are then picked, pulled, packed and shipped to Panolam’s customers. Our distribution center employees are highly energetic, enjoy a fast-paced team-oriented working environment and know that their contributions make a significant difference in the lives of our customers. We are proud of their achievements and are always looking for individuals who share this dedication to customer service.

I have to say this has been the most impressive customer service I have received in over 20 years of doing this.

LEED AP BD+C Architect

The heartbeat of Panolam Surface Systems can be felt in each of our three North American plants and radiates throughout the company. The operation of each plant offers a myriad of opportunities for employment and personal growth. Panolam is always looking for top talent to fill open positions that may range from chemists, engineers and inventory analysts to press operators, material handlers, forklift drivers and shipping clerks. As employees develop their skills, they are given the opportunity to move laterally to other positions of interest or upward as they become more expert in their fields.

Keeping employees engaged as well as honing and developing their skill set is key to Panolam’s fundamental philosophy.

Tony Guerra, Panolam VP of Manufacturing

Sales is the life blood of Panolam and a key focus of the company. Specification and Territory Account Managers are trained at our plants and Corporate office as their understanding of our products and markets is critical to their success. Adding to their arsenal are tools to help them learn how to sell on a consultative basis and training on the tenets of 4DX. Their knowledge base is refreshed along the way with Sales Meetings and Webinars, serving as the inspiration to offer imaginative solutions to fulfill our customers’ creative visions and practical needs. Panolam’s dedicated sales management team has the training, insight and the perseverance to seek out such opportunities and bring them to fruition.

We have worked hard to give our sales managers the tools that they need for success. We will continue to refine and evolve our programs to meet the everchanging needs of the marketplace.

Jeffrey Muller, Panolam Executive VP


Panolam Surface Systems offers the following benefits to their full-time employees:


A comprehensive healthcare program that includes medical, dental, and vision coverage.

Employer-paid Basic Life coverage, with employees having the option to buy additional coverage.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability plans.

A 401k Plan with Company match. Employees can contribute up to the IRS limits, and Panolam matches 100% of the first 1 – 3% contributed, and 50% on the next 2% contributed. Employees also have an option to elect a Roth account.

Paid time off, including vacation, sick days, and company-paid holidays.


Supplemental Healthcare as well as coverage for Drug, Dental and Vision Care.

Employer-paid Basic Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage, with employees having the option to buy additional coverage.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability plans.

A Registered Retirement Savings Plan with Company match. Employees can contribute 1 – 4%, and Panolam matches 100% of their contribution election.

Paid time off, including vacation, sick days, company-paid holidays and floating holidays.