Panolam provides high-quality, integrated surface solutions that stand the test of time across a wide variety of market segments. From healthcare to education to retail we’ve got you covered.


Best in Class! From pre-schools to universities to research laboratories, Panolam Surface Systems®‘ materials are relied on to handle the high impact and high traffic conditions of educational institutions.


Top Shelf Materials. Consumers want stylish, high quality, hardwearing furniture at reasonable prices. That’s one of the reasons why Panolam Surface Systems® materials are in such demand. As one of the leading suppliers to fabricators, craftsmen and manufacturers, Panolam Surface Systems® has worked rigorously to bring beautiful, reasonably priced materials that can stand up to real-life conditions to the marketplace. Many leading manufacturers stake their reputations on our materials and that’s a responsibility that we take very seriously.


A Picture of Good Health At every point in the continuum of healthcare, Panolam Surface Systems® provides durable, aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain surfacing solutions that can stand up to the fast-paced, high impact, high-traffic conditions and sanitary requirements of doctors’ offices, hospitals, surgical suites, clinics and even ambulances. Our products deliver the performance you need for the demands of the healthcare environment.

Hospitality & Restaurants

At Your Service. From 5-star hotels and the grandest entertainment venues to roadside cafés and visitors’ centers, Panolam Surface Systems® materials stand up to the fast-paced, high impact, high-traffic environments while providing the atmosphere so critical to hospitality. It’s a pleasure to serve the hospitality industry.


Going to Work for You. From the corner office and executive boardrooms to the loading docks and supply areas, Panolam Surface Systems® provides materials that stand up to the activity and traffic of the busiest businesses. Our materials are built to last, they’re easy to maintain and they keep offices and meeting areas looking clean and professional. Panolam Surface Systems® mean business.


Feel Right at Home. From palatial estates to city apartments, residential architects and designers specify materials from Panolam Surface Systems®. Panolam offers the widest selection, quality and style to match any taste and budget. Check out our impressive array of solid colors and our incredibly realistic wood grains and patterns. You’ll be amazed how our surfaces can transform the feeling of a kitchen or bathroom.


There’s More in Store for You. From checkout counters and containers in big box stores to display counters in intimate upscale boutiques, Panolam Surface Systems® offers the full line of surface materials to meet the aesthetic and durability demands of commerce. For retail surfaces, Panolam Surface Systems® is the best place to shop.


All Aboard! If you’re specifying surface materials for transportation, this is your destination. From departure to arrival in every mode of transportation, Panolam Surface Systems® is there. We make the decorative tabletops and counters, the partitions and bulkhead surfaces, the paneling, the doors, the surfaces for furnishings even the hard wearing liners in cargo bays. For transportation, turn to Panolam Surface Systems®.
It is the place to go.