Nevamar Flooring

Nevamar® Floor Sheets

For decades Nevamar has been a leading supplier of laminated access flooring products. Ideal for applications requiring cleanliness and easy access. Nevamar flooring sheets are tough, yet attractive and easy to clean.

Nevamar Standard Grade Laminated Floor Sheets have low static generation, especially important for computer rooms. Sheets are manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of ANSI (American National Standard Institute),/NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) Publication LD3-2005 for high pressure decorative plastic laminate. Also, Nevamar Laminated Floor Sheets comply with NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). The installed floor should be tested according to the test procedure outlined in NFPA 99 Chapter 3-1993 Edition for Electrical Properties. Once installed, the floor’s electrical properties will be affected by humidity, adhesives used, panel paint system and the overall continuity to ground.

Nevamar Conductive Flooring Laminate has significantly lower surface and volume resistivity, thus resulting in a product tailored for application requiring rapid bleed down of static electricity charges. The conductive components are completely encapsulated within the surface and, as such, are not a source of environmental contamination. Nevamar Conductive Flooring is manufactured to order using the same procedures employed in the production of standard Nevamar floor tile, incorporating process changes to construction of the surface and core. The special construction of the surface sheet offers a distinctive pattern and is available in two color variations.

A selection of classic and contemporary designs providing aesthetic appeal with outstanding performance. All items are manufactured to order in standard grades. Most designs are also available in general purpose, high-pressure laminate sheet goods to coordinate with cabinetry or built-ins. Due to the differences between HPL and floor sheet processes, slight color pattern variations may occur.

  • Computer Rooms
  • Clean Rooms
  • Hospital Operating Rooms
  • 8 Standard Grade Colors/patterns
  • 2 Conductive Grade Patterns
  • 1 Finish