ThruColorTM  high pressure laminate (HPL) may be used in any application where a solid color edge is desired. ThruColor™ HPL is intended for use in applications where the edge of the laminate contributes to the aesthetics of the final product.

Pionite and Nevamar’s manufacturing process provides a second-generation color-through laminate that is more flexible and much less likely to chip than other color-through laminates. Solid color ThruColor™ laminate is also ideal for high-wear applications since gouges and cuts will not readily show. Due to its unique composition, ThruColor™ HPL will vary in color from corresponding colors of Standard HPL. Sample evaluation is recommended.

  • High end furniture casework
  • Fixtures
  • Revealed edge counter tops
  • Marker Board
  • 500+ color options
  • 15 finish options