ChemGuard high pressure laminates (HPL) provide the decorative features of our stylish high-pressure laminates with a chemical resistant coating that protects against acids and other caustic compounds.

Stringent lab tests have proven ChemGuard laminate to have superior chemical resistance and significantly higher NEMA wear value than competitive laminates, even after being scratched. With a vast array of color and pattern options, you can inject some life and personality into the most sterile laboratory environment.


ChemGuard HPL continues to look good even in the harshest environments, making it ideal for horizontal surfaces in:

  • Laboratories
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Schools
  • Manufacturing plants
  • R&D facilities
  • Photographic processing work areas and more

Thicker ChemGuard laminate can be used as structural components in laboratory benchtops, precluding the use of a substrate.

  • 500+ color options/patterns
  • 2 finish options
    • Available in most Pionite and Nevamar color/patterns; ChemGuard HPL can be manufactured with brown or black phenolic core
    • Laminate edges can be polished for a finished appearance