Conolite® Aircraft Laminates

Since 1956, Conolite® aircraft laminates have been the high-performance choice for FAA-approved cargo bay protection. Manufactured in Morristown, TN by Pioneer Plastics Technical Products, a division of Panolam Surface Systems, Conolite® aircraft laminates offer superior quality and exceptional customer service to all segments of the market: OEM, Passenger Airline, Air Cargo and Third-Party Maintenance.

Our renowned engineering staff has expert knowledge of both OEM specifications and FAA regulations, ensuring that Conolite® laminates meet or exceed all major manufacturer and FAA requirements for flammability, impact resistance, tensile strength, and workability.

The chart below provides an overview of our standard laminate products, their primary attributes, and corresponding qualifications. Additional Technical data and material samples are readily available for all standard products. FAA 8110-3 forms are available upon request.

Our standard lead times are short, so you can carry less inventory. And our flexible production capabilities enable us to respond quickly to urgent and AOG requirements.

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Laminate Series Attribute Resin System OEM Qualifications
A Grades Economical Durability Polyester BMS 8-2, Class 1
C1000 Medium Impact Polyester DMS 1946
FE1000 High Wear Polyester BMS 8-2, Class 3
EG1000 Highest Impact, Wear Resistance and Durability Polyester BMS 8-2, Class 4
5100T Low Smoke, Low Toxicity Phenolic BMS 8-223, Class 2; DMS 2419
6100T Lightweight, Low Smoke, Low Toxicity Phenolic BMS 8-223, Class 4
Conopatch Liner Repair Polyester Proprietary
Industry Certifications and Standards:
  • ISO 9001
  • AS9100D