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CMG July Color Alert + Panolam Laminates!

Nascent is the embodiment of what pink can represent. With a nuance of blue, Nascent appeared in the research for 2023 emergence in two CMG regions, Latin America and North America. Not quite fluorescent, it is a high chroma pink that glows of its own accord. It is not cheap or frivolous, rather it is taking itself seriously as it connotes the light of self, and that of virtual and artificial realities, representing positive vibrations in real-life and meta-life. Nascent is a color that aligns the psyche, mind, body, and spirit with digital therapeutics and suggests the ever reblooming of life’s many stages.

For design, Nascent is appearing in all manner of product and design, and though originally from Latin and North American discussions, is already becoming a global color, expanding as the year progresses. Consumer electronics will connect physical and digital worlds and that “phygital” landscape is going to be well suited to be awash in the pink of Nascent. Home decor and textiles are just the beginning as this pink transfers its energy from residential to commercial spaces and will be anything from tabletop to immersive rooms.

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