#MyPanolamCreation – Panolam Surface Systems


Panolam Surface Systems is pleased to announce we are holding a contest to determine the most creative application of our sample materials. Entrants will take Panolam sample materials and turn them into something new. In the photo is an example of Pionite and Nevamar laminate chips transformed into a bouquet of “laminate-flowers” as inspiration. Panolam initially revealed this competition on their Facebook and Instagram account pages yesterday. Entries will only be accepted if posted to an Instagram or a Facebook account and tagged with the contest hashtags of hashtagMyPanolamCreation hashtagPanolamContest. Users who do not follow @PanolamSurfaceSystems on the platform to which they posted their entry will not be considered for the grand prize of a $250 Amazon.com Gift Card. This competition will run from April 24th – May 10th ending at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time. The winner will be announced on May 14th.

If you would like to participate, please use the below steps to enter the competition.

How Do I Enter?
1) Follow/Like @PanolamSurfaceSystems
2) Use Panolam, Pionite, or Nevamar Sample Materials to Create Your Entry
3) Post Your Creation on Instagram or Facebook
4) Hashtag your post with hashtagMyPanolamCreation hashtagPanolamContest

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