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Beyond the surface of solid color laminate from the Arches Paper Mill

Nevamar is very excited to launch our latest collection of laminates Walk in the Woods.  This collection of eight new wood grains and three new solid colors is a celebration of the natural beauty found in wood that is indigenous to North America.  In addition, this collection goes beyond the surface of the color and pattern and celebrates the unique raw materials that go into making some our most vivid solid color laminates.

When researching decorative paper for the new collection our design team knew we wanted to add purple and a few greens.  As a result, we visited our supplier in France, who had provided many of our previous solid colors that have a superior vivid and intense color wash.   From this visit we got more than just the right colors we were looking for…We received an education on the raw materials, process and even the water that goes into making these amazing solid papers.

In the heart of the Vosges region of France, nestled among the rolling hills and verdant forests, lies a hidden gem of the papermaking world: the Arches Paper Mill. Founded in 1492, it is the oldest continuously operating paper mill in France, and its legacy of excellence is evident in every sheet of paper it produces.  Paper made at the Arches Paper Mill is exceptional for its unique properties that allow pigments to penetrate the cellulose fiber in an absolute wash of color. This color saturation is in part due to Arches’ ancient artisanal processes and the unique acidic water properties of the spring fed brook that runs through the mill’s land.

The secret to the Arches Paper Mill success lies in its unwavering commitment to quality. Every step of the papermaking process is meticulously controlled, from the selection of pure cotton fibers to the technique used to form the paper sheets. The result is a paper that is not only beautiful and expressive but also incredibly strong and resistant to warping and fading.

The Arches Paper Mill continues to stand as a symbol of French craftsmanship and innovation. Over the centuries, its papers have graced the works of countless masters, from Rembrandt to Monet, and continue to inspire contemporary artists today.

The Arches Paper Mill is deeply committed to environmental sustainability. The mill sources its cotton from sustainably managed forests and employs a closed-loop water system that minimizes waste. Additionally, the mill actively supports local initiatives aimed at preserving the natural beauty of the Vosges Mountains.

We were so moved by what we learned about this paper supplier that with the permission of the Arches Paper Mill we now proudly label our existing and new colors from this supplier as our Arches Paper Mill Collection.

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