Panolam® Surface Systems Introduces The Indulgence Collection™ by Pionite

Panolam® Surface Systems Introduces The Indulgence Collection™ by Pionite

Panolam® Surface Systems Introduces The Indulgence Collection™ by Pionite

Panolam® Surface Systems, a leading supplier of integrated surface solutions today introduced The Indulgence Collection™ by Pionite®, the company’s line of technically innovative and design-driven high pressure laminate (HPL) products.

“Our new Indulgence Collection by Pionite represents both our commitment to design and our company’s history of bringing the best engineered surface solutions to the contract and residential interiors markets,” said Al Kabus, President and CEO of Panolam Surface Systems. “The 21 new designs in The Indulgence Collection™ round out the most comprehensive offering of integrated surface solutions in the marketplace today.”

Comprised of 13 exquisite woodgrains and eight intriguing abstract visuals, The Indulgence Collection™ features a perennial color palette that is designed to balance tranquility and inspiration among all finishes and furnishings in a wide range of interior environments.

Panolam’s Senior Director of Design & Communications, Debbie Sulewski said, “The distinctive designs in the Indulgence Collection serve as a canvas for the artistry of the colors, textures and shapes of other interior furnishings to create harmonious environments. Indulgence is designed to inspire new applications, create memorable spaces and transcend conventional boundaries.”

About Panolam

For more than seventy years, Panolam Surface Systems has engineered and manufactured high-quality, innovative surfacing solutions for a wide range of contract, industrial and residential applications. With an extensive line of high-pressure laminates, thermofused laminates, fiberglass reinforced laminates and other specialty products available in hundreds of colors and styles under the well-known Panolam, Nevamar, Pionite, Pluswood, Conolite, and other brand names.  Panolam Surface Systems provides the vision, value and versatility designers, architects, manufacturers and contractors are looking for today.  For more information, visit

The Indulgence Collection by Pionite – 21 inspiring and intelligent designs

Wedding Cake: a marriage of cool and warm grays, soft yet powerful; a celebratory wood that sustains the test of time

Peach Cobbler: deliciously elegant butter infused, copper rich teak like a Georgia peach on a warm sunny day

Crackle Crunchdriftwood that has seen the ravages of the elements; if the weathered grain could speak about its journey, this is what it would say

S’moresweathered wood like a warm smoldering campfire ignites warm memories and enhances minimalistic and contemporary environments with vintage influences

Macadamia Nut: the polished outer husk of a sweet treat that hides inside a beautiful shell of contrast in color

Ginger Snap: burled and spiced with delicate swirls, a decorative sculpture

Toasted Coconut: textured layers of raw natural oak matched with a deeper layer of aged wood

Peanut Brittle: a well aged heavily grained oak with warm striking tones

Tiramisu: a warm comforting eucalyptus grain brings to mind of light layers of liqueur-laden sponge cake.

Black Forest Cake: dark, seasoned charcoal burnished grain evoking the senses with mystery and intrigue

Mocha Almond Fudgelayers of fire toasted almonds enrobed in a silky smooth milk chocolate and glazed to perfection

Cake Batter & Mud Pie: polished glaze combined with the deep grained and well-worn richness of an aged leather couch, brings familiar comfort

Chocolate Malt: an unswerving grain with a glistening finish; slowly pouring thick rich syrup over vanilla ice cream

Butter Toffee: the caramel twist added to the warm wood tones balances the cool neutrals and brings this wood to life

Licorice Stick: strong yet soothing and calming; naturally rooted

Molten Lava: striking color contrast of melting dark, rich chocolate tempting your every move

Cookies & Cream & Sugar Pie: cool froth meets crisp and crystalline. industrial strength meets statuesque beauty. natural look of aged concrete

Pralines & Creamlike a glazed irresistible confection this delicious wood will stand the test of time

Oatmeal Cookie: comforting soft woodgrain that will welcome you home on a cool winter day