Panolam Surface Systems® Introduces the Lifestyle Collection | Panolam Surface Systems

Panolam Surface Systems® Introduces the Lifestyle Collection

Panolam® Surface Systems Introduces the Lifestyle Collection

Curated Stone Designs for Surfaces in Residential Environments


Panolam® Surface Systems, a leading supplier of integrated surface solutions today introduced the Lifestyle Collection, a specially curated selection of stone designs for residential environments.

“Inspired by nature’s beauty, Panolam’s Lifestyle Collection is a carefully crafted selection of stone designs that will spark the imagination of every individual to create a home full of artful beauty and wonder,” said Debbie Sulewski, Panolam’s senior director of design. “Homeowners will now be able bring nature indoors to create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere expressing their own unique lifestyle and design flair.”

Lifestyle also features two new unique finishes that pair perfectly with this new collection offering each of the designs an authentic appearance of time-worn beauty: Evolution, a smooth surface with contrasting matte and gloss organic textures, and Natural Stone, a beautifully adaptable matte surface offering a time-worn appearance.

“Our goal at Panolam is to help bring your design vision to reality without compromise, and our new Lifestyle collection is designed to provide homeowners with an efficient approach to selecting surfaces with stunning stone designs,” said Ms. Sulewski. “As your surface solution provider, Panolam is always here to help navigate the many surface design options available to help achieve a wide range of aesthetic, performance, and budgetary goals.”

About Panolam

For more than 70 years, Panolam Surface Systems has engineered and manufactured high-quality, innovative surfacing solutions for a wide range of contract, industrial and residential applications. With an extensive line of high-pressure laminates, thermally fused laminates, fiberglass reinforced laminates and other specialty products available in hundreds of colors and styles under the well-known Panolam, Nevamar, Pionite, Conolite, and other brand names. Panolam Surface Systems provides the vision, value and versatility designers, architects, manufacturers and contractors are looking for today. For more information, visit


New Styles in Panolam’s Lifestyle Collection

White Perito Marble — An elegant creamy vanilla marble with unstructured, patina gold veining indicative of ancient sculptures of antiquity.

White Coralino Marble — The fluidity of its opaque white veining highlights this non-conforming aggregate signifying purposeful determination.

Grigio Imperiale Marble — The meditative and neutral tones of this marble represent the calmness of life while the subtle impurities represent the continual adaptation to change.

Spanish Marble — Like the shifting fault lines in the earth this neutral grey marble will evolve in traditional, modern and transitional environments.

Azul Aran Granite — The mid-sized pepper flecks signify the volatility of a volcanic eruption yet balances the neutral tones to create a dynamic environment.

Taupe Imperiale Marble — A sophisticated and poised marble defined by an array of variegated white veining that exemplifies its natural beauty.

Brown Coralino Marble — An alluring chunky agate of rich mocha tones and soft golden veins signifying a varied stream of light from deep beneath our ancient oceans only to be revealed during continental shifts.

Smokey Skies — This warm grey semi-precious stone is as precious as a trail of shooting stars dancing through the night sky carrying wishes for a better tomorrow.

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