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Panolam sells Albany, Oregon Plant to ARAUCO

Panolam sells Albany, Oregon Plant to ARAUCO
Companies sign joint supply agreement


Panolam, a leading supplier of integrated surface solutions, has sold the assets of Panolam’s Albany, OR plant to ARAUCO, a global manufacturer of a wide range of sustainable forest product solutions. ARAUCO intends to draw upon the expertise of Panolam’s workforce at this plant to ensure a seamless transition for customers.

Panolam currently makes High Pressure Laminate (HPL) to match some of ARAUCO’s Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) offerings. ARAUCO and Panolam have reached an agreement that enhances their TFL offerings to customers. ARAUCO intends to coordinate the operations of this plant with its own operations in Albany.

“Panolam and ARAUCO have respected each other for a long time and have today concluded an arrangement that allows both companies to build on our strengths,” said Peter Jones, CEO of Panolam. “This deal represents a great opportunity for Panolam to expand the geographic reach of its TFL offerings and ensure that we can deliver a broad range of surface materials such as HPL, TFL, Fiber Reinforced Laminate (FRL) and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) throughout North America.”

TFL color matches for Panolam’s HPL offerings will continue to be available from the Albany plant throughout the western U.S. and Canada.  In fact, such offerings will also now be made available in the southern U.S. through a new cooperation between ARAUCO and Panolam. Panolam designs will be available nationwide again in TFL.

Panolam’s Huntsville, Ontario TFL plant will continue to serve primarily the northeastern and midwestern U.S. and eastern Canada.  Unlike the Albany facility, the Huntsville plant is a fully-integrated operation which also produces the particleboard on which the laminate is placed. Panolam has made substantial recent investments in upgrading Huntsville’s capabilities and remains committed to offering its customers great service and a top quality product.

“Our strength is providing our clients a range of solutions to their architectural, design and construction challenges.  ‘On Trend, On Price, On Time, On Spec, Every Time’© is what we aim for,” Jones added. “We have a strong distribution and sales network across North America that works with Architects and Designers and which follows through with the fabricators that make the ideas come alive.”

“We thank our employees in Albany for their many years of service and wish them well with ARAUCO,” said Jones.

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