Mini Houndstooth Khaki

Bespoke in nature, this classic houndstooth pattern can be tailored in color and scale to your aesthetic requirements.
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Pattern DG0081

Stocked Finishes: Textured/Suede (SD)

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Marker Board

Fire Rated

Standard HPL

Keep your surfaces pristine with our Hi-Wear laminates, which protect horizontal and vertical surfaces from dings, abrasions, and unsightly scuff marks caused by high levels of activity.
ChemGuard High Pressure Laminates (HPL) provide the decorative features of our most stylish laminates with a chemical resistant coating that protects against acids, bases, solvents, stains, and general reagents.
Boost stability with our ThickLam surfaces, reinforced to perform in heavy traffic areas requiring more structural support.
Perfect for a boardroom, office, or lab, these panels offer a nonabsorbent, dry erase compatible surface for recording notes or capturing brilliant ideas.
Our Fire Rated surfaces possess all of the same style and performance features as our standard laminates with additional protection against combustion and smoke.
HPL is among our most versatile surfaces, making it a great choice for a range of interior horizontal and vertical applications where an attractive, yet resilient, surface solution is required.
  • Aegis Secure (AS)

    Anti-microbial properties, low gloss, textured finish, - 8.5 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Aged Bark (AB)

    A honed, raw woodgrain evokes the feel of natural bark - 4.3 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Ashwood (AW)

    Fine woodgrain with cathedral - 22.6 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Barnboard (BB)

    A flowing linear plank in a semi-matte finish - 8.0 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Crystal (CR)

    Fine pebbled finish, medium gloss - 11.4 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Fineline (FL)

    A fine linear grain perfectly balanced with a hint of sheen - 3.9 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Gloss (GL)

    High gloss, smooth finish - 109.4 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Granite (GR)

    Polished stone textured finish - 53.7 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Groovy (GV)

    Eclectic abstract pattern that appears to create motion - 2.8 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Hex (HX)

    Geometric repeating pattern, low gloss. - 3.3 Nominal Gloss Units

  • LineZ (LZ)

    This linear deeply embossed grain adds depth and dimension - 5.2 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Medium Gloss (MG)

    Medium gloss, smooth finish - 35.0 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Metalz (MZ)

    Metal look as the name implies, a high gloss metal finish – 15.2 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Natural Wood (NW)

    Perfect for creating a real wood texture on woodgrain patterns. Low gloss. – 3.8 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Polished Velvet (PV)

    Smooth, textured furniture finish - 26.4 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Slate (SL)

    Deeply embossed slate finish - 5.4 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Soft Leather (LR)

    Finely grained leather finish - 15.2 Nominal Gloss Units

  • StoneX (SX)

    Natural and polished stone surface - 38.1 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Super Matte (SM)

    An easy touch, non-reflective surface that resists fingerprints - 2.7 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Tactile Weave (TW)

    A modern woven fabric look and feel, low gloss – 3.7 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Textured/Suede (SD)

    Low gloss, textured finish - 8.5 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Timberline (TL)

    A linear deep woodgrain with a balance of gloss and matte finish - 9.5 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Velvet (VE)

    A smooth, finely grained finish - 14.3 Nominal Gloss Units

  • Wood Essence (WE)

    The slight ticking detail of this natural wood finish adds depth and balance - 23.3 Nominal Gloss Units

Pattern DX0081

Stocked Finishes: Made to Order
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